Shedding my usual dislike for clubs, I ended up partying the night away with my colleagues (left to right) Julie, Mitch and Jerico.

Last Saturday night, I attended the quarterly recognition event for our account at the Seventh High Club at Bonifacio Global City. Despite my usual lack of interest for such events, I made it a point to attend the said event as I had committed to several of my officemates that I would be present for this particular instance. Arriving before 7:00 PM, the venue was relatively quiet and it would take another two hours before it would start streaming with guests. After what seemed to be an eternity as the attendees slowly made their way in, the event finally got underway with the awarding of prizes in a special raffle. To my surprise, I would end up winning an iPod Shuffle as the first winner of the evening. And with the hosts and people egging me on to flash some moves to the ever-present heavy beats, I then surprised everyone with a flurry of dancing not seen since my elementary days. The impromptu workout also ended up shaking off my pent-up frustration up to that point, setting my highly festive mood for the rest of the evening.

Over the course of the evening, I would alternate between entertaining people with more dancing and even a bit of singing, and sharing alcoholic beverages and finger food with the officemates I was closest to. My normal disdain for the noise and smoke-filled atmosphere of the club was replaced by a celebratory mood that looked to make the most of the free-flowing beverages and food. Along with that, I continued to receive kudos from my peers, supervisors and even the visiting clients for putting on a show earlier.

After the exclusive time for the use of the venue had run out and other people had started to stream in, we gradually left the venue and started making our own plans. Some had decided to head home, while the rest looked for other places to hang out. I ended up spending time with one of my closest colleagues at work, as we shared all and sundry in between coffee from Starbucks and the ensuing trip home.

The following afternoon, I rendezvoused with another friend of mine who I had not seen in some time. She took me to the gym in trying to pique my interest in losing my “love handles” and excess weight, and even set me up with one of the personal trainers to help me get started. Unfortunately, my lack of progress with the exercises I was given, combined with my sense of being overwhelmed by the myriad equipment at my disposal, had re-awakened my dormant “gymophobia”. This left me to quit the exercises altogether and sit around until my friend had finished her group workout. Despite her encouragement, I decided I had enough for the day and we made plans to go around the nearby mall in the area instead.

Soon after, we decided to head to her home and readied a hefty dinner of barbecued meats for another friend of hers who was arriving soon. We ended the night exchanging stories before I finally headed home just a few hours later.

Despite the miserable weather that had dampened my spirits in the days leading up to the weekend’s events, I managed to end the week on a happy note with another epic weekend. And if all goes as planned, I may have another one soon.


The earlier Sunday, I got together with some distant relatives to celebrate the birthday of an aunt I had not seen since my childhood. We traveled to Antipolo in Rizal province where we sat down to a hearty dinner along with lots of whiskey and beer in between. I managed to impress my rediscovered relations with my surprising knowledge of music as well as my ability to converse and relate with them. This has led to further invitations to meet more enjoyable meetings with other relatives, and got me acquainted with the direct ancestors of my famous great-great grandfather.

The event did make me realize that I preferred drinking beer to hard liquor, and that I needed to get used to drinking the higher proof stuff. With any luck, I’ll get that chance to practice very soon.