I just arrived from yet another (you guessed it) “epic” weekend.  This time, I went along with Team Foxdie on a weekend getaway to Paraiso ng Camiling Resort and Training Center in Camiling, Tarlac. Team boss Ian hosted the said event, and I joined the trip along with fellow Tech Lead James, QAA Allen, and agents Paula, Cheryl, MJ, Fritz, Sam, Aaron and Jordan. Amazingly enough, we were able to convince Allen to join us even if he had not initially planned on going, which ended up in him having to buy a few articles of clothing to carry him over.

Paraiso ng Camiling (Paradise of Camiling), located in the town of Camiling, Tarlac had some pretty swell air-conditioned cottages for our comfort. My office mates are on the far left of the picture.

At the close of the Friday shift at around 11:00 AM, we headed to SM Megamall’s Food Court for a hearty lunch and hopped on a city bus to the nearest provincial bus terminal afterwards. From there, it was a three-something hour bus ride to the town of Camiling and a short tricycle ride as well to the venue, a scenic resort with a pool, karaoke machine and air-conditioned cottages.

We were greeted by Ian’s wife Kat and their son Miko (not sure if I spelled the name right, honestly) at the place and we soon set ourselves to enjoying a hearty dinner and rounds at the videoke bar. Afterwards, we went on a night of sharing all and sundry between bottles of beer and shots of vodka and Jägermeister.

In the morning, we enjoyed a refreshing morning swim while firing water balloons at each other. Although I suffered one of my occasional leg cramps when I got up, my spirits remained high and I enjoyed myself in the rather oddly greenish water in their pool. One of my colleagues pointed out that due to the differences in the elements dissolved in the water, the water itself was still clean despite its rather unusual color.

We had a heavy lunch with the relatives of Ian and Kat afterwards, and then proceeded to check out of the resort. From there, we headed off to Ian’s home and waited for him while he packed his things. Afterwards, we took tricycles and a long jeepney ride to the main bus terminal in Tarlac City, finally getting a Manila-bound bus at that point.

We arrived in the city after another three-something hour bus ride, and we parted ways from there.

I extend my personal thanks to the entire team for warmly inviting me to their team building. Thanks to you guys, I actually feel more ready to face the grind of the office tomorrow. And to boot, my “epic” weekend streak remains intact.