US President Barack Obama signs the health care bill into law to initiate important reforms, amidst much controversy.

Recently, US President Barack Obama signed into law the much-debated health care reform act designed to offer millions of uninsured Americans free health care support. This was a campaign promise he managed to fulfill, despite intense opposition from the Republican front and some fellow Democrats.

Critics of the act claim that it will cost American taxpayers way too much, while removing the people’s right to choose their own method of health care. Supporters, however, state that it will make sure enough medical coverage is present for its citizens and pay dividends in the long run.

I certainly don’t see what the fuss is all about. Considering the United States of America is the only industrialized country not to have a universal health care service in place compared to its other economically significant peers, it is about time it ensures the over-all well-being of its greatest resource. Its populace.

Whatever the cost may entail, if the people believe in its merit strongly enough, they will accept it. If only those crazy Republicans (not to mention a few nut-headed Democrats) could walk a mile in the shoes of those who knew death because they could not afford even a simple doctor’s appointment or some basic medicines.

Were it not for universal health care, a dear aunt of mine would not know marital bliss and I would not have such an esteemed uncle I enjoy chatting with on occasion.


Looking at my current state of finances, my hopes for a London-Euro 2012 trip looks more like a dream than reality. Some major expenses in the last few months have wiped out my savings and have forced a re-assessment of any future travel plans.

But after a happy reunion with one of my closest friends, I have set my sights on the land of Siam. More specifically, I am thinking of Bangkok, Thailand, as my possible first overseas destination. The tickets and travel time are a better shot from here.

And speaking of which, my devoutly religious friend has planned a concert in Zamboanga City for later in the year. This would mean emcee duties for me as usual.  While I look forward to a return to Mindanao, I have my doubts there will be enough patrons to make this event worth it. But I’ll still make the out-of-town gig something to remember.


I am looking forward to the summer outing for our account scheduled next month. While the original venue (a scenic beach resort in Batangas) is no longer an option, I still hope for a close equivalent where I can smell the salty air, walk barefoot on the sand and forget for once that I somehow kill my body to stay alive.


Later today, the UFC Welterweight kingpin Georges “Rush” St.-Pierre tangles with unbeaten Dan Hardy, while Frank Mir squares off against Shane Carwin for the interim UFC Heavyweight title in the UFC 111 pay-per-view event. I’m a bit short on sleep, but I’ll gladly extend my uptime for this one.

Considering my deep disappointment with the Pacquiao-Clottey bout, this makes my Sunday.


My last blog entry got some unexpectedly good hits. It looks like everyone wants to know how my story ends. And I look forward to the conclusion myself. Will I indeed find that rather elusive happy ending? Stay tuned, folks.