Yesterday was one of the better Sundays I had in recent memory. Normally, it was one of the more humdrum days of the week as I had all day to bum around the house and do next to nothing away from my cubicle at work.

Despite staying on his feet with a solid defensive shield in the form of his arms and hands, Ghanaian slugger Joshua Clottey would lose via unanimous decision to Filipino superstar Manny "Pac-Man" Pacquiao.

First, despite getting to watch only the delayed telecast on free TV, I was ecstatic to find Manny Pacquiao putting on a stellar performance in his victory over Ghanaian contender Joshua Clottey. Okay, so Clottey put up a lackluster show, throwing a rather negligible number of punches to compliment an admittedly airtight defense. While he did not go down or sustain battle scars like Pac-Man’s past opponents, he was pretty much a human “punching bag” for the full 12 rounds. And Pac-Man, obviously getting bored with Clottey’s antics, even used an FPJ-esque double head slap, to get the Ghanaian slugger to bite, to no avail.

Still, Pac-Man walked away the reigning pound-for-pound king of boxing and welterweight champion, carrying with him the Filipino hopes and passion to world attention. His next (and possibly last) opponent now rests in the May bout of former pound-for-pound king Floyd Mayweather Jr. and “Sugar” Shane Mosley. A match with boxing’s “Pretty Boy” may well be the proper icing on the cake of Manny’s career. Only time and the upcoming bout will truly tell.

I spent a wonderful dinner with my best friend (and former mentor) from Bangkok, as well as my predecessor at the school paper and his unica hija.

Next, I was off to Malolos where I met up with two well-trusted friends for dinner. These consisted of my predecessor at the school paper and our former English teacher who had served as adviser of the school paper during her time at our alma mater. We shared tales aplenty despite the limited time, and caught up on the old times and the years intertwined since then. Considering I hadn’t seen both since my high school days, it was truly a fantastic way to end my Sunday.

Now, if someone could do something about those self-serving, attention-hungry something-somethings over at the National Historical Institute, and their unsavory criticism of each Philippine National Anthem rendered by one of our talented artists. Martin Nievera may have indeed screwed it up somewhat, but all succeeding artists have been careful to avoid that since then. Maybe if they want to get their 15 minutes of fame, they should take on Pac-Man in the ring. They’ll be sure to have the eyes of the world on them, as they want it.

But if they insist on an excess of self-righteousness, they might as well ban professional singers from performing the anthem and instead have some John Doe off the street render it instead. What indeed is the use of a world-class artist if he gets nothing but criticism for singing, well, wrongly?

Peter Graves is best known as mission leader Jim Phelps of the Mission: Impossible TV series.

Just yesterday, actor Peter Graves succumbed to a heart attack at the age of 83. I will dearly miss the actor who played the impeccable Jim Phelps in the two Mission: Impossible TV series, as well as the comic pilot in the Airplane films. It suddenly got me interested in looking for the series he narrated on A&E in the last few years. Rest in peace, Jim.