Manny Pacquiao makes short work of Puerto Rican slugger Miguel Cotto in their bout.

Today was a proud day for Filipinos everywhere. Earlier today, after much anticipation and hype,  Manny “Pac-Man” Pacquiao dominated Puerto Rican boxer Miguel Cotto after a 12th round stoppage of their bout in Las Vegas, Nevada USA. While many feared that Manny may have met his most dangerous foe yet, he took his foe to school from the second round onwards and captured his record-setting seventh title in as many divisions in the process.

Mind you, this was no ordinary boxer. He had a solid win-loss record, marred only by a controversial loss last year to a competitor with allegedly “padded” gloves. And he was the reigning welterweight champion to boot. And yes, the pride of General Santos City sent Puerto Rico’s finest fighter crashing back to earth. Kudos to Pac-Man for a job well done.

This leads to the debate on whether “Sugar” Shane Mosley or Floyd Mayweather Jr. should get dibs on tangling with perhaps the world’s best fighter. While I personal applaud Mosley’s earlier efforts and testicular fortitude to get a one-on-one bout with Manny, a bout with the previous “pound-for-pound best boxer in the world” would be a real draw for many, many fans. And considering Gayweather’s annoying antics and jawing with people around him, the humbler and more focused Pacquiao is a most welcome change in a sport choked with lame gimmicks, dirty money and nasty controversy.

Second, there was Brandon Vera’s controversial loss to the legendary Randy “The Natural” Couture at UFC 105 earlier in the day. That’s right, a match that some say the Filipino-American mixed martial arts fighter could have won. And what a feather in his cap that would have been.

Vera actually had the upper hand midway through the fight, before Couture regained his composure and fought back. A close yet unanimous decision of 29-28 in favor of The Natural left the younger de Vera in shock and dejection after the bout.

Brandon Vera is one of only two Filipino-Americans competing in the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship), the other being Mark Muñoz.

Then again, that a Filipino (or Filipino-American, rather) would head the card of the largest organization of one of the fastest growing sports in the world against a legendary opponent is something. It speaks of the Filipino once more becoming the global force.

If anything, Filipinos headlining the two biggest sporting events of any particular day can only mean good things. Filipino pride just got a massive booster shot in the arm indeed.

By the way, it was also two years ago on this day that my then-girlfriend left for Hong Kong to work as a glorified servant for some Chinese family, and almost a year since I heard from her. Irony, indeed.

I woke up thinking about it, and then asking myself if I was really over the deal with her. After all, despite having met some women who caught my eye during my week-long stint at TrendLabs, I did not go ahead with my plan to gather their digits and go beyond the “crush” stage.

My current operating status has listed romantic relationships as a potential complication that I cannot yet handle, pending resolution of a host of personal issues I am handling as of this time. Not that I have become a woman-hater or have given up on relationships altogether, but I lack certainty as to whether I am really ready to pursue romantic interests at this time. And of course, my priority has been on helping out my siblings as well as my niece and nephew, with whom I have stayed with for the last few years.

So for now, I have made up my mind to content myself with what I have and accept whatever comes my way. In short, I have decided to, once again, take me where the winds may blow and face challenges from there. I do have my hand on the control lever, just in case.

And speaking of which, I turned 29 recently. Whoopee. Now I know where those signs of discomfort are coming from.

To those who remembered, thanks again.