For the past six workdays, I have been reporting to TrendLabs Philippines located in Quezon City as one of the delegates for an ongoing project of global importance. It is my first time to visit the client’s base here in the country, and I would not be disappointed when I set foot on their shores.

Despite suffering a severe lack of sleep owing to my recent addiction to Sorority Life (indeed, you read that correctly) after arriving from work and a rather sudden request by my boss to be the company delegate after barely getting some shut eye, I took the chance with a smile and even packed a bottle of energy drink to keep me up for the long meeting ahead.

First, I was overwhelmed by the free drinks they offered. Aside from the standard fare of water and coffee with the usual sugar and creamer, this also meant all the carbonated sodas I could down, as well as pineapple juice and even Milo. Needless to say, I commenced a long and intense drinking spree from then on.

Months after my last visit to their headquarters in Libis, the folks of TrendLabs initiated a friendly rivalry with the people of Telus over a round of DOTA (Defense of the Ancients).

Second, I found the nature of the account and its people to be similar to the environment I had back in my EA Games days. While serious when work was about, the people had a fun-loving nature that many of my comrades over on my side possessed, making adjustments on my side very minimal. There were many unfamiliar faces, but knowing their mindset, I figured I could get along easily with most of them given time and chance.

The brainstorming we did for the client initiative was certainly refreshing, as it reminded me of how to think out of the box and examine opportunities at the slightest sight of them. And with the potential for this project to change the face of a global leader in computer and Web-based security, I finally felt at some point that I was indeed doing something for the greater good.

But the best reason for enjoying my time at TrendLabs was amazingly simple. I was away from my usual work of supervisor calls, email backlogs and questions from agents flooding me on certain days. It was a quiet time for me, and I lapped it up.

Yesterday, I had lunch with one of our clients (and her better half) who regularly coordinated with us in the flow of daily activities and processes, and it ended with discussions on a range of topics from improved coordination with the client’s goals and objectives to my non-existent lovelife, at one point. I did get kudos for my candor and willingness to work the extra mile as needed, and she even hinted (jokingly) at spiriting me away from my current company.

This Monday will be my last day at TrendLabs. I thank the people who made me feel welcome there, and hope to be back there soon. As for my alleged “prospects”, that awaits another time and tale of yarn.