Since my last post on Friendster Blogs (, quite a bit has happened in the intervening weeks.

Despite the inclement weather, our beach outing still brought smiles aplenty.

Last weekend, my officemates and I went to scenic Crystal Beach in the small town of San Narciso, Zambales.  We were greeted by nearly incessant rain, as the tailend of an outgoing typhoon stregthened the impact of the yearly southwest monsoon (locally known as the “hanging habagat”). Despite this, we enjoyed the sizable waves, salty sea air and dramatic change in the normal scenery.

Sadly, my Sony CyberShot camera ended up being a casualty of an otherwise nice weekend, when a large wave engulfed one of my mates who happened to be snapping photos of me.  I lost a wealth of good pictures of the beach, and this had continually dampened my spirits for the rest of the week.

And just last Saturday, my other officemates and I participated in the Trend Micro CSS Basketball Tournament, where our game had been postponed at halftime due to rain entering the court, making conditions hazardous for the players. Our team put on a surprisingly good show, knocking down several jump shots and hustling well on defense to keep the game close.

On a good note, I managed to impress a number of people with my ease in calling commentary for the prior two basketball matches. I think my run for the rest of the tournament has now been assured.

Does this mean I should pursue my dream of being a sports commentator? Not too sure yet, since my finances are a priority for now and I feel the risk is too great for me to shoulder for the meantime. But I certainly have found one of my life dreams, the kind that you dream of accomplishing one day so that you can die happy.

Going to that, I have created a few that would greatly tickle my fancy:

1. Do commentary for a live NBA game, either regular season or playoffs. Any team will do, though I’d like to call a Chicago Bulls home game most.

2. Do commentary for a WWE event. Being paired with good ol’ J.R. would certainly be heaven.

3. Take a grand tour of Europe. Six months there sounds like a good deal.

4. Go skydiving and snap fantastic pictures before I have to deploy my parachute.

5. Find “her” and have my own “… and they lived happily ever after”.

6. Learn how to shoot a gun. At least a handgun, an SMG and a sniper rifle.

Cheesy, one may figure. Chicken sh**, others may say. But after that “beer talk” I had with my supervisor, I concur that a life without dreams is like the Earth without air. Guess I have to start thinking about where I’m going now and what I really want, since I’m not getting any younger.

September, as the first “ber” month of the year, reminds me that Christmas is fast approaching. With that in mind, I have a rush of activities for this month alone and more to follow in the upcoming time. Hope it turns out well for me.